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-- He/Him -- 31 years old -- 5'7" -- Gay and Ace -- Autistic -- Happy Oblivious Goodfball --

Born a prince, Alfred has always been expected to participate and rule High Society. But Alfred is also autistic, and struggles especially with the expectations put on him- due to sensory issues he finds balls and parties physically tiring, he makes a lot of social blunders, and is a little too honest and eccentric for the snobbish world of aristocrats. Alfred would rather spend his days quietly growing vegetables than wearing tight clothing and making small talk. Being autistic Alfred has many particularly intense special interests- these include gardening, plays and his partner John.

Back story

Alfred spends the first half of his adult life hiding away from the responsibilities of being a Prince, something his autistic brain is ill-equipped for. However, as Alfred reaches his 30s, his father becomes sick, and pressure is put on Alfred to find a suitable husband amongst High Society before his father dies, and he is made King.

Against the wishes of everyone, Alfred falls for a lower class assistant called John and begins a relationship, months before taking over the throne. During this time, a revolution from the impoverished working class erupts, organized partly by John's sister, who is also deeply against the idea of her brother being in a relationship with The King.

As the revolution takes place, an assasination attempt is made on Alfred. John helps him escape the upper class part of the city, and the two hide out together in John's home as a riot takes place. It is here that Alfred proposes to John, who warmly accepts, even during such conflicting times. The tide of the revolution is quietend as the aristrocrats fight back, with soldiers on their side. But now the lower class have someone powerful on their side- The King!

During his time in hiding, Alfred collaborates with John and his sister, coming up with a Coup to help bring on the revolution once and for all. Thanks to his power as King, Alfred works together with his future husband to bring equality to the City, arrest the corrupt, and tear down The Wall that has stood for hundreds of years between the rich and the poor.

When the revolution is over, a Republic is put in place of the old system of working class and aristocrats. Alfred steps down as King, becoming instead a farmer- much better suited his autistic personality! Alfred uses his passion for growing things to help bring food to people who need it the most. His husband John sits on an elected Council with his sister, and use their experience as working class citizens to build a more equal society. When they reach their 40s, Alfred and John adopt three children and build a happy family together.

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Drawn by @NooskaDraws

Drawn by @Joichichan

Drawn by @starlightfruit